Kerry Optima Tunable Low

The Kerry Optima is available in keys tenor D Eb & E

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141,00 € tax incl.


It is a plastic headed low whistle with an alloy body, just like the old Kerry but with the playability of a Kerry Pro and with much less air requirement, light as a feather and very, very sweet. I have the prototype and cannot put the thing down.

As moisture/clogging has always been a big issue with many players, the Kerry Optima, being a whistle with a plastic mouthpiece will not have these issues and will not need warming up to be in pitch.

The sound is easily changed from soft to loud without and perceived increase in breath giving a huge amount of control over any given piece. No more need of that great “ lungful of air and off we go “, just very comfortable playing. If you are already a low whistler, you will find you have more air than you need and may need to take a lot less to achieve the same thing.


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