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Souche PitchGuard™


PitchGuard Split Stock System
Souche de chanter PichGuard avec système d'arrêt

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La souche de chanter, élaborée par McCallum Bagpipes à partir du système PitchGuard™ breveté par Chris Apps, vous permet de couper l'arrivée d'air sur l'anche du chanter pour ne maintenir que le son des bourdons, d'une manière plus stable.

A McCallum split-stock incorporating the patented PitchGuard™ . A fully mechanical, multi-faceted system that cocoons your chanter reed and offers both tonal stability and physical protection.

The split-stock, created by McCallum, protects the chanter reed from harm and allows for easy installation in any pipebag. Once your chanter reed is set inside the stock it need not be removed for days or even weeks. Saving you money and eliminating the need for a reed protector and/or external chanter cap.

he PitchGuard™ unit, patented by Chris Apps Reeds LLC, offers the major musical advantage as it can regulate the air pressure through the chanter. It’s not just a chanter on/off switch – as useful as that is. It will also, if you choose, prevent any overblowing of the chanter reed by regulating the amount of air pressure coming through the chanter.

The PitchGuard Split-Stock System can be used differently in different situations. In this way it is beneficial to all pipers and at all levels.

Best of all it is fully mechanical. No charging up. No plugging in. No trying to find signal. It works everywhere and in all weather conditions. Install it once and your PitchGuard™ Split-Stock System will be there for your entire bagpipe journey – wherever that might take you.


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