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Hamish MOORE & Dick LEE – The Bees Knees


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1 Thunderhead/The Easy Club Reel
2 The Rumblin' Brig/Boatman Bill/Iain McGee's Romanian Boots/The Birnam Triangle
3 Nighean Dubh Alainn/The Teapot Jig
4 The Rock And Wee Pickle Tow/Bannocks Of Beremeal/Song For Julie/Thoir A Nall Aihan Thugam/Jenny's Chickens/Jenny Dang The Weaver
5 Maggie's Reel/The Slippit Bar/Paddy In The Sauna
6 The Slow Hare/The Mongoose In The Byre/The Bees Knees
7 Staten Island/Trip To Pakistan
8 Anne's Tune/Buccleuch Street/The Famous Ballymoate

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