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Karen Matheson | Still time


Karen Matheson
La chanteuse gaélique écossaise du groupe Capercaillie vous présente son nouvel album solo - Still time - produit par Donald Shaw.

Production Vertical Records (2021)

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10 years ago I was working on a bunch of different tracks, unsure of what direction to go in when I found myself facing a number of personal challenges including the loss of both my parents. It felt right to concentrate on the Gaelic songs of mychildhood, in tribute to what had given true shape to my life, resulting in the purely Gaelic release of ‘Urram’ (Respect) from 2015. We were then left with a body of work, waiting in the wings to be resurrected at a later date with my sore heart eased and my faith in humanity restored. Fast-forward a decade and while the world paused, bird song soared and banana bread baked “Still Time” was re-born. With the help of some familiar, brilliant musicians who could accommodate the ‘home-recording’ situation we worked through lockdown. Somehow having time to reflect and consider music in a different way helped me finally finish the record and I am super proud of it!
Karen Matheson

Liste des morceaux

  1. Cassiopeia Coming Through
  2. The Aragon Mill
  3. Still Time
  4. Little Gun
  5. The Diamond Ring
  6. Lassie with the Lint White Locks
  7. The Glory Demon
  8. Recovery
  9. Laurel to a Wreath
  10. Orphan Girl
  11. Ae Fond Kiss

Extrait (vidéo) : Cassiopeia Coming Through


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