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Brian Finnegan | Hunger of the Skin


L'artiste irlandais Brian Finnegan (flûte traditionnelles & whitles, groupe Flook) entouré de 24 musiciens variés pour 8 morceaux inédits de composition récentes.

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Brian Finnegan - flûte traversière en bois et whistles


Sean Og Graham - guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, mandolin,
Liam Bradley - drums, percussion, loops
Ian Stephenson - electric bass, upright bass, guitar, piano
Patsy Reid - fiddle, viola, cello, string arrangements
Eva Roa Flores - vocals
Ollin Roa Finnegan - voice ‘Flow’
Ashley Hoyer - mandolin
Sarah Allen - alto flute
Naimh Dunne- fiddle, string arrangement on Jig For Amelie
Morna Finnegan - poetry recitation ‘Dare’ on Fathom
Gearóid MacLochlainn - poem ‘Dusta’ on ‘Dust’
Connor McCreanor - electric bass on ‘Dust’
Anton Boiarskikh - trombone on ‘Flow’
Paul Dunlea - trombone on ‘Fathom’
Sheema Mukherjee - sitar, vocals on ‘Chase The Shouting Wind’
John Joe Kelly - bodhran
Leon Hunt - banjo
Melvin Iffil - steel pans
Ed Boyd - guitar on ‘Dust’
Joseph Carmichael - guitar on Crossing Rubicon/Ollin
Boris Grebenshikov - poetry recitation on ‘Flow’
Ant Romero - percussion on Crossing Rubicon/Ollin
Tony Donnelly - on ‘Tony’
Colum Sands - poetry recitation on Crossing Rubicon

In March 2020 I began a nightly ritual of making space to play and write, in truth it wasn’t an option not to, it felt like the house was being torn down and only in the night hours after my children had gone to sleep, did I find some semblance of stillness in which to turn complex old and new emotions and feelings into a form that has pointed me in the direction of ‘home’ all my

Liste des morceaux

  1. Dust / An Damhsa Dubh - 05:17
  2. Fathom - 03:56
  3. Crossing Rubicon / Ollin - 07:39
  4. Chase The Shouting Wind - 05:20
  5. Flow, In The Year Of Wu Wei - 07:02
  6. Two Trees / Tony - 07:16
  7. Trigger’s Lament / Jig For Amélie / Red Planet Blues - 05:49
  8. Equator Light - 04:50
  9. Dare - 03:16

Production Brian Finnegan (2021)


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