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Paul Brock : button accordion and melodeon

Maeve Donnelly : Fiddle
Manus McGuire : Fiddle
Kevin Crawford : flute, tin whistle, bodhran
Carl Hession : piano


Morceaux :

1. Paddy Fahy's/Whistle And I'll Come To You/Woods Of Old Limerick
2. Byrne's Hornpipe/The Yellow Cow/Flowers Of The Red Mill 
4. Mooney's Mazurka/Kinloch/Humours Of Toomagh   
5. Fahy's Jig/Tap Room/The Maid Who Left The Country 
6. Paddy Fahy's Reel/The Ewe Reel 
7. Old Tanglefoot/Southern Shore
8. Swing Waltz 
9. Knocknagoshel/Ryan's Come West Along The Road 
10. Kitty's Rambles/The Cook In The Kitchen/Paidin O'Rafferty 
11. Shelly River Waltz/New Year Waltz   
12. Follow Me Up To Carlow/New Custom House 
13. French-Canadian Jiggin'/Old-Man Woman43  
14. Da Slockit Light16 
15. Cape Breton Dream/Champion 
16. Dan Breen's/Mick Finn's/The Heather Breeze/The Red-Haired Lass

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