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The MacKintosh Collections of Music


Réédition réunissant les 4 reccueils de Robert MacKintosh initialement publés entre 1783 et 1803.

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Les 4 reccueils de Robert MacKintosh de Tulliemet dans le Pertshire, réunis dans ce reccueil.

Ils ont été initialement publiés entre 1783 et 1803.
Le reccueil comporte 357 morceaux au total.
C'est un format A4 de 167 pages.



Lord Balgownies Minuet * Minuetto * Miss Carnegie's Minuet * Miss Grace Stewart's Minuet * Gavott * Miss Agnes Gordon's Minuet * Jigg * Miss Bairdds Minuet * Miss Henderson's Minuet * Lady Wallace's Reel * Lady Helenora Home's Minuet * Gavotta * Lady Emelia Kers Minuet * VAR * Air * Lady Marry Ann Carnegie's Minuet * Lady Binnie's Minuet * Quick Step * Miss Bewment's Minuet * Miss Clemie Stewart's Minuet * The Diamond Reel * Miss Burnet Of Monboddo's Reel * Capt Macduff's Delight * Miss Katty Troters Reels * Lady Betty Cochran's Reel * Miss Pringle's Reel * Lady Betty Boyle's Reel * Miss Scot's Reel * Miss Elliot's Reel * Miss Molly Grant's Reel * Miss Campbell's Reel * Miss Grant Of Grant's Reel * Lady Helenora Home's Reel * Miss Jessy Dalrymple's Reel * Miss Stewart's Reel * Miss Carre's Reel * Solo * March * Mrs Oswald of Auchincruive's New Strathspey * The Jockey Club * Mr John Trotter of Castlelaw's Hornpipe * The Duchess of Gordon's Delight * Miss Mary Ann Johnston's Reel * Mrs Fordyce's (Of Ayton's) Strathspey * Lady Susan Gordon's Reel * Lady Dalrymple (North Berwick's) Strathspey * Mr Grant of Rothymurchus Strathspey * Mrs Chas Dalrymples Reel * Sir New Dalrymple Bart (North Berwick's) Reel * Honble Miss Sempill's Reel * Sir Alexr Don's Strathspey * Miss (Dr) Grants Reel * Miss Trotter (Of Bush's) Reel * Miss Oliphant (Rossie's) Strathspey * Miss Isabella McKenzie's Strathspey * Mrs Stennet's Quick Step * Mrs Wallace's Reel * Honble Mr F Gray's Strathspey * Mrs Trotter (of Castlelaw's) Reel * Miss Annie Robertson * Miss Field's Strathspey * Lord Elcho's Reel * Miss Dalrymple * Mrs Farquharson of Monaltrie's Delight * Mrs Farquharson's Jig * Lessley House * Delgaty Castle * Monaltrie's Strathspey * Garthland House Strathspey * Aboyne Castle * Duke of Gordon's Strathspey * Miss Isabella Robertson's Hornpipe * Lady Baird's New Reel * Miss Gordon (Rockwell's) Reel * Miss Margt Blair's Strathspey * Major Alves Reel * The Duke of Brunswicks March * Miss Robertson's Fancy * Miss Farquharson (of Invercauld's) Reel * Major James Monro's Strathspey * Mr John Trotter's Reel * Honble Mrs Campbell (Of Lochnell's) Reel * Captn Campbell (of Lochnell's Reel) * Honble Mr Fraiser (of Lovat's) Reel * Miss Ann Munro's Reel * Miss Fordyce's (of Ayton's) Reel * Miss Mary Johnson's Reel * Sir Jas G Baird Bart Strathspey * Mrs Oswald (of Auchincruive's) Favourite Reel * Miss Mariane Oliphant (Rossie's) Strathspey * Lady Louisa Gordon's Strathspey * Mr Houston (of Jordanhill's) Reel * Miss Elizabeth Magd Fordyce Strathspey * Dr James Hamilton's Reel * Miss Grace Gordon's Strathspey * Miss Mackenzie's Strathspey * Lady Susan Gordon's Strathspey * Invercauld's Strathspey * The Duke of Gordon's Fancy * Mr Jas Grant's Strathspey * Mrs Farquharson (of Invercauld's) Reel * The Emperor of Germany's Favourite Air * Lord Drighorn's Reel * Mrs Muir (of Warriston's) Reel * The Duchess of Gordon's New Strathspey * Miss Johnston (Lathrisk's) Strathspey * Miss Barbara Cunningham's Strathspey * Lord Doune's Reel * Marquis of Huntly's New Reel * Mr Stewart Trotter's Reel - Or The Captain's Fancy * Miss Betty Robertson's Reel * Mrs Oswald of Auchincruive's Strathspey * Miss Johnston (of Hilton's) Reel * Genl Drummond's Reel, or Hasting's Camp * Miss Jane Douglas's Favourite * Let Me In This ae Night * The Last Pint of Ale * Miss Douglass Moncriefs Reel * The Lads of Dunce * Miss Stirling's Reel * Miss Dickson's Reel * Capt R Smyth's Favourite * The Auld Wife Beyont The Fire * Mrs Smyth (of Methven's) Favourite * Miss Smyth (of Methven's) Favourite * Miss Campbell of Monzies's Reel * I'll Make You Fain To Follow Me * Lady Mackintosh's Reel * Miss Napier of Merchiston Hall's Reel * Cameron Has Got His Wife Again * General Campbell of Monzies's Strathspey * Miss Margaret Campbell (of Saddell's) Reel * The Braes of Bowbether * The Braes of Marr * Willie Winkie's Testament * Mrs Dundas McQueens Reel * Miss Eleonora Robertson's Reel * The Breast Knott * Tail Todle * Miss Graham (of Gartmore's) Strathspey * Mrs Oswald (of Auchincruive's) New Reel * Miss Douglas's Strathspey * Cheap Meal * Mrs Blair of Blair's Strathspey * Miss Margaret Oswald (of Scotstown's) Reel * The Lees of Loncartie * Dunse Dings All * Blair Drummond's Reel * Mr Bushby Maitlands Strathspey * Countess of Rothes's Strathspey * Duble Kiss's * The High Road to Linton * The Lads of Air * Miss M Rose's Reel * Captain Pryce Gordon of Glen Lockarts Strathspey * Miss Campbell of Saddell's Reel * Miss Barstow's Reel * Miss Corbett's Strathspey * Mrs Mosman's Strathspey * Miss Margaret Graham's (of Gartmore's) Favourite * Miss Betty Kerr's Reel * Miss Jane Campbell of Monzies's Strathspey * Lady Mary Montague's Reel * Miss Katty Halls * Miss Mary Douglas's Strathspey * Donald Clearruch or the Neat Shoe * Suckie Bids Me * Mr Oswald of Auchincruive's Strathspey * Miss Campbell (of Saddells) Strathspey * The Humours of Dublin * The Back of the Change House * Janney Dang the Weaver * Over the Water to Charlie * Miss Jenny Elliot's Strathspey * Miss Margaret Gordon (of Lessmores) Strathspey * The Countess of Loudon's Reel * Stewart's Reel * Duddingston Castle * Fight about the Fire Side * Lord Rollo's Reel * Miss Sophia Campbell (of Saddell's) Reel * Pat Riot * Jenny's Bawbee * Mrs George Johnson (of Byker's) Reel * Miss Ommanny's Reel * Miss Johnson of Byker's Reel * Leut Colonel Montgomery's Reel * The Bonny Lass * Miss Margt Gordon of Lessmore's Reel * Lady Bairds New Reel * Buckingham House of Athole Brose * Mr Menzies of Culdair's Strathspey * Miss Maitland (of Freugh) Reel * Sir James Bairds New Strathspey * Miss Hog (of Newliston's) Reel * Miss Mackinzie's Reel * Mrs Russell (of Blackhall's) Strathspey * Miss Robertson's Reel * Miss Mary MacDonald of Clanronald's Reel * Miss Ester Oswald (of Auchincruive's) Strathspey * Miss Douglas's * Lady Georgina Gordon's Reel * Monsieur, The Count D'Artois's Reel * Lord Elphinston's Reel * Lady Lucinda Ramsay's New Strathspey * Mrs H R Draytons Reel * Miss Margaret Graham (of Gartmore's) Strathspey * La Duc d'Angoleme's Strathspey * Sir William Dick's Reel * Miss J Rose's Reel * Mrs Menzies of Culdair's Strathspey * Leut Howard Douglas's Strathspey * Miss Grace Hay's Reel * Miss Grace Speirs of Elderslie's Reel * Mrs Roy (of Nenthorn's) Favourite * Miss Nancy Dick's Reel * Mrs Maitland of Rankeillor's Reel * Miss Isabella Robertson's Reel * Dr Gregory Grant's Strathspey * Lady Doune's Reel * Miss Jessy Cumings Strathspey * Miss Oswald (of Scotstown's) Reel * Miss Barbara Hay's Favourite * Miss Jane Wedderburn's Reel * Sleepy Maggie * Neil Gows Strathspey * Mrs Anderson's Reel * Carlin is your Daughter ready - Or the Bob O'Dooly * The Dutchess of Manchester's Favourite * The Duke of Manchester's Fancy * Mrs Garden of Troup's Reel * The Duke of Gordon's Favourite * Miss Mary Douglass's Favourite * Mrs Lloyds Favourite Reel * Miss Garden of Troups Favourite * Mr Aldriges Favourite Hornpipe * Mrs Gillies's Strathspey * The Old Highland Laddie * Hey ho Johnie Lad * The Reel * The Colledge Hornpipe * The Isle of Sky * Countess of Sutherlands Reel * Mr Garden of Troups Strathspey * Musette * Mrs Duff's Reel * The Prince of Wales's Strathspey * Lady Charlotte Campbells Reel * Lady Charlotte Campbell's Strathspey * Miss Lantour's Reel * Mrs Pryce Gordon's Reel * Rothymurchews Strathspey * Loch Errick Side or the Dutchess of Gordon's Favourite * Double Kisses * Hilton Lodge * Kiss me Sweetly * I am O'er Young to Marry Yet * Miss Mary Mackay's Reel * Lady Louisa Ramsays Strathspey * Fight About the Fire Side * Mrs Richard Walpole's Reel * Your Welcome to Your Foot * Mrs Maitland of Freugh's Reel * This is Not My Ain House * The Reel * The Calledonian Hunts Delight * Kiss the Lass You Like Best * The Lads of Dunce * Lady Mary Montagues Reel * Mrs Wildmans Strathspey * The Athole Commers * Sir John Stewarts of Garintully's Reel * Lady Catherine Stewart Strathspey * Lady Charlotte Goolds Reel * Mrs Mary Garden of Troup's Reel * Lady Charlotte Lennox Reel * Lady Louisa MacDonald's Strathspey * Lady S Montgomery's Reel * The Marquis of Lornes Strathspey * Miss Ferguson's Reel * Marquis of Huntly New Strathspey * Lady Mary Montgomery's Reel * Mr Wilson's Hornpipe * Sir David Hunter Blair * Miss Amelia Stewart * Miss Fordyce of Ayton's Favourite Reel * Mr Lumsden of Blaincarn's Strathspey * Miss Campbell's Reel * Borlum's * Mrs Campbells Reel * Light and Airy * Lady Mary Osburn's Reel * Miss Mercer's Reel * Miss Hays Reel * Mr F Garden Junr Of Troups Strathspey * Miss Wildman's Reel * Lady Elizabeth Coles Reel * Miss Macleod of Macleods Reel * Miss Russell of Blackhall * Lady Chatherine Pelhams Reel * Mrs Macleod of Macleods Strathspey * Lady Wallaces Reel * Petticoats Loose * Mr Maitland of Freugh Reel * Lord Chief Barons Favourite * Honble Mrs Maules Reel * Miss Maules Strathspey * Miss E Macleods Reel * Mrs Fraser of Lovats Strathspey * Lady Elisabeth Montague's Reel * Lady Elisabeth Montague's Jig * Cauld Kail, or the Sutter's Fragments * Lochail's Away to France * Bonny Annie * There is no Luck About the House * Lady Catherine Bligh's Reel * Mr Garden of Troup's Return Home from Bath * The Dutchess of Manchesters New Strathspey * The 4th of July * Quick Step * Miss Betty Robertson's Reel * Yankie Doodle * Lord Hinchinbrooks Reel * Mr John George Campbells Reel * Lady Madelina Sinclair's Reel * Miss Stevensons Reel * Lady Charlotte Cadogans Reel * Lady Bromes Strathspey * Dutchess of Bedfords Reel * Colonel Campbell of Shaufields Strathspey * The Marquis of Huntley's Strathspey * Miss Steel of Norwich's Reel * Lady Perths Strathspey * Janny Nettles * The Three Sisters Reel * The Little Men of the Mearns (or Mr Garden of Troups Favourite) * Mrs Dupree's Reel * Wat Ye Who You Met The Streen (or Jas Douglas Favourite) * The Reel * The Dutchess of Dorsets Reel * Mrs Captn Ross * Miss Ann Mackays Favourite (or I'll Make Ye Fain to Follow Me).


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