Tunes of the Munster Pipers

Recueils (en 2 volume) de partitions de musique traditionnelle irlandaise retranscrites depuis les manuscrits du chanoine James Goodman.

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InstrumentUilleann pipe

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James Goodman (1828-1896), originaire de Dingle, dans le comté de Kerry, était chanoine de l'Église d'Irlande et professeur d'irlandais au Trinity College de Dublin.
Il est principalement connu pour avoir collecté une exceptionnelle collection de quelque 2 300 airs traditionnels irlandais.

Volume 1 :

This volume of over 500 song airs, dance tunes and other forms is the first of two volumes to be edited by Hugh Shields from the James Goodman music manuscripts.  It contains all the melodies which Goodman had marked as being noted down from the pipers (and probably various others) of his native province of Munster, together with an essay on his life and career based on new research.  These tunes provide musicians and scholars with a unique body of Irish music from the southwest region.  They give unrivalled insights into the traditional music and song of mid-nineteenth-century performers.  Most of these performers were probably born in pre-Famine Ireland, most of them were Irish-speaking, many were pipers in a period when uilleann piping was already at an advanced stage of its development.

Editions : Hugh Shields / Irish Tradtional Music Archive (Dublin, 1998)

Volume 2 :

This second and final volume of the edition contains a further selection of over 500 Goodman tunes. It includes all other Goodman melodies from oral sources, along with unpublished melodies from manuscripts to which he had access; it omits those copied from printed sources. It also includes extensive documentation and indexes covering both volumes.

Editions : Hugh & Lisa ShieldsIrish Tradtional Music Archive (Dublin, 2013)

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